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You Should Be Heard is an NGO based in Lagos that collects and maps crowdsourced data on sexual harassment in Nigeria. Alongside our AI-powered  technology, we offer training, workshops and advocacy programs, working with relevant parties to reduce the acceptability of all forms of sexual harassment in the country.

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I am very proud that some people are taking a strong stand against sexual harassment in Nigeria today. Non-profit Organizations such as You Should Be Heard is a welcome development towards curbing this menace. 



Student, UNILAG.

Kudos to YSBH for tackling sexual harassment in Nigeria with technology. I think it is the first of its kind in Nigeria.
I believe We can end this epidemic together by creating an environment that does not tolerate sexual harassment.



When enough people take action, harassers will find it harder and harder to harass. They will face the consequences on the street, in their workplace, from friends and family and coworkers, and eventually they will choose to not harass at all. This is when we reach our goal – zero-tolerance will be the norm and sexual harassment will decrease in Nigeria.

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We believe that sexual harassment will only end when the society – individuals like you and me – stand up against it. Therefore our volunteers are our most important and treasured asset. Most of our volunteers work within their schools, universities, and communities, to convince people to not tolerate sexual harassment.

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