To get harassers to stop harassing, all of society needs to stop tolerating and excusing their behavior.

We use our reports, research, and experiences from our work in schools, universities, and workplaces to create campaigns to change the perceptions that create and reinforce a culture of blaming the harassed, excusing the harasser, and accepting sexual harassment.

We organise campaigns to create more awareness about sexual harassment in Nigeria. It isn’t just about the harassers or the harassed but also about creating a society that frowns upon the act. 

Our campaigns aim to sensitise more people about sexual harassment and encourage them to stop tolerating or making excuses for harassers in any form. It is also to make more people understand how and where they can help victims, even if it means volunteering with an organization like ours that is already doing the work. 

Our campaigns are mostly organised in primary and secondary schools to sensitise the younger ones as early as possible.

#SexForGrades – A BBC documentary titled ‘Sex for Grades’ has exposed the extent of systematic sexual abuse against female student in West African.

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