Community Partnerships

We are working together with community partners to convince individuals and institutions to not allow sexual harassment to happen with impunity and to change the atmosphere in their own neighborhoods to a safe and positive environment.

We are constantly looking to partner with communities around the world, whether as individuals or institutions, to work together to create a Nigeria with fewer incidences of sexual harassment.

The goal is to partner with more people and get them to stand up for what is right and advocate for this cause alongside us. We do this by working closely with our volunteers and the report generated on our map to create useful resources to sensitise more communities.

We want to reach as many ends of Nigeria as possible through community partnerships. We can work with you or with your organization regardless of your location in the country, to create workshops in both rural and urban areas and help as many more victims and potential victims as we can. 

Are you an organisation, initiative, or individual and want to know how we can support you to take action against sexual harassment through for example workshops, information material etc., please get in touch on

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