Our Story

You Should Be Heard was born as a response to the persistent problem of sexual harassment on the streets of Nigeria, to which society had become increasingly tolerant. It is the first independent initiative to work on the issue.

The origin of You Should Be Heard can be traced back to some years back when I had a near-rape experience in undergraduate school. This troubled me for my first two years in school as I went through several bouts of post-traumatic episodes.

This experience gave me an insight into what victims of rape and sexual abuse go through and amidst all that, a seed was planted in my heart to do more to reduce the rate at which this happens.

Since 2016/2017, I have nurtured this idea while looking forward to building it into something beyond a mere thought. Although I got busy with my thesis at some point, I was able to pick up the momentum in December 2019 to further nurture it and help build a saner society. The release of Sex for Grades – a BBC documentary about sexual harassment at universities in Nigeria and Ghana, further fueled my drive to launch You Should Be Heard and I haven’t looked back ever since.

I desire that more people understand their rights and come together to promote an agenda that helps create a safe place for victims and the vulnerable. And to also ensure that perpetrators are dealt with accordingly, as long as it is within our power.

– OBOH Mary Aigbiremo
Founder, YSBH

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