Report your Story

Reporting is easy.
All you need to do is to tell us what happened, where, and when. We record all reports anonymously.

Want to know what difference it makes?

Anyone can report sexual harassment. You can choose to report an incident of sexual harassment or an intervention – when someone intervened to stop a sexual harassment incident or supported the harassed person. You can report directly when the incident happens, or anytime afterwards. And you can use your mobile or a computer to report.

How to Report

Step 1: Choose a Category

If you are a victim or an eyewitness of sexual harassment, choose Report Incident

If you intervene a sexual harassment or you witnessed an intervention by someone else or group of people, choose Report an Intervention.  

Step 2: Specify the location & Time

Tell us where and when exactly it happened, so we can have an accurate record and can also place it on our map. If you are reporting from the exact location where it happened, you can easily enter the details with the auto-complete feature on our map. Otherwise, just enter the correct details of the address and time when the event happened.

Step 3: Tell us What Happened

We will like to know the details of what happened so it is important to be in-depth as much as you can. Click SUBMIT when done.


What Next After Reporting?

After reporting, you will be able to see details of your report on the map once you click on the location. Your response will be anonymous to ensure your safety. Once the report is live, we will go through it to ensure it meets the criteria of sexual harassment, after which we can take further steps where necessary. 

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