Our reporting and mapping system is a tool for everyone in Nigeria to anonymously share their stories of experiencing, witnessing, or intervening against sexual harassment.

How does it work?

Everyone in Nigeria is encouraged to share their stories of sexual harassment anonymously through YSBH. We want to listen to you, whether you are a victim or you witnessed a case and would like to report it. It could also be a form of advocacy against sexual abuse in your location that you may want to share with us.

The reports collected from different locations in the country will be placed on a map and available for public viewing. Everyone who views the map will be able to see the full details of each report by clicking on the location where it was reported from. 

This map is to help more people understand the effect of sexual harassment in the country and how much work is being done to make a change.

What difference does it make?

The map report is in line with our mission to encourage everyone to speak up and be heard by us and by everyone else. It however doesn’t just stop at speaking, as we use the data generated to:

  • Create awareness in Nigeria about the upsurge of sexual harassment across the nation in different age groups.
  • Make people understand how sexual harassment affects victims and the role they can play, using whatever tools and resources they have. 
  • Help more people to see beyond victim-blaming and shaming but rather to seek ways to do better and bring the perpetrators to face the law.
  • Curate enough data and statistics that we can use as an organization to carry out our sensitisation programs for the vulnerable and possibly inform policy amendment that will hold perpetrators and their alibis accountable.

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