Safe Schools & Universities

The Safe Schools and Universities team is working to ensure that schools and universities are places where sexual harassment is not tolerated and where cases of sexual harassment are appropriately dealt with.

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It is no longer news that sexual harassment thrives in schools and universities in Nigeria, from the young pupil who gets harassed by their teacher to the university student who is compelled to have sex in exchange for grades. It is also common among students themselves and not necessarily from a person in power. 

A study was conducted in March 2020 on sexual abuse amongst secondary school students in Port Harcourt, South-South Nigeria. Among the 1162 participants, it was found that 38.9% of the subjects had experienced at least one or more forms of sexual abuse, of which 51.8% were females and 48.2% were males.

The recurring reports on sexual abuse in schools call for a quick intervention, which is why we are advocating for safe schools and universities.

To play our part, we will provide the necessary training and resources to students, faculty, administration, and staff of each school we visit.

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