The YSBH Effect

You Should Be Heard is working to build a future in which neighborhoods, schools, universities, cafes, restaurants, shops, workplaces, and eventually all of Nigeria are all safe spaces that never tolerate sexual harassment and always help people when they are harassed.

In 2015, UNICEF reported that one in four girls and one in ten boys in Nigeria had experienced sexual violence before the age of 18. The report further states that six out of ten children in Nigeria experience emotional, physical, or sexual abuse before the age of 18, with half experiencing physical violence.

Five years later, nothing has changed much. As of June 2020, the Nigerian Police had recorded 717 rape cases in five months, according to Premium Times. 

These statistics apply to the ones we hear of or that were reported. How about the ones that were never reported but swept under the carpet? According to Rape, Abuse & Incest Network, only 230 out of every 1000 sexual assaults are reported to police, which means 3 of 4 cases are unheard of.

How does YSBH come in despite these statistics?

  1. We organise sensitisation programs with a focus on secondary and primary schools. The goal is to reach out to the younger generation and sensitise them about what sexual harassment is before it is too late. We let them know that they can be heard and should never be forced to be quiet. Through this, we aim to raise a generation of people who understand their sexual rights and are willing to carry others along. 

  2. We collate virtual reports from people who have encountered any form of abuse and put it on a map. This is to help us generate accurate statistics of how much sexual abuse has eaten into our society, how much we have been able to achieve per time, and how much work there is to do. It also helps us create awareness about sexual harassment in Nigeria. 

  3. We interact with other stakeholders, especially those in the legal and medical sectors to provide additional help to victims. We believe we need the best hands on deck to take care of things professionally. With this in place, we can confidently embrace victims and give them the best care as they get on the healing journey. 

  4. We work with other people who believe in our mission and vision and are willing to work diligently with us to carry them out.

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