Who We Are

You Should Be Heard is a futuristic volunteer-based initiative founded in late 2019.
We are working to engage all of the Nigerian society to create an environment that does not tolerate sexual harassment.

You Should Be Heard is a non-government organization created for everyone who has been a victim of sexual harassment and to prevent others from being victims. We are working towards joining forces with other established platforms and organizations to create a saner environment where the vulnerable can thrive.

We aim to provide evidence-based data that can be deployed to reduce the incidence of harassment. We also aim to encourage more people to ensure their perpetrators face the full extent of the law

This is why we are here. To hold hands with every victim and walk them through this journey.


To provide policy-usable data that will prevent sexual harassment and promote sexual, reproductive, and psychological help.


To build a society where harassment will be a history of the yesteryears and abused victims and witnesses of sexual assault seek appropriate help.

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